Monday, 2 February 2015

Blogging, Coffee & Introducing My Family

I'm sat contemplating my very first sentence of my very first blog and my mind has gone blank after thinking for the past 24 hours of a name for my blog and plenty of witty, outgoing starter lines-so much goes on around here I genuinely don't know where to start! I suppose it wasn't my brightest idea to start whilst I have a tired and super determined one year old trying with all his might to drink the coffee from my mouth, whilst my three year old has, what can only be described as a small breakdown over my not allowing her to watch the same peppa pig episode for the third time in a row. As a mother of four I pick my battles, be it sleeping in wellies, having lollipops before dinner, sitting in the shopping cart instead of the child seat-whatever keeps them happy (and quiet!) keeps me happy too-but it's Monday morning and my coffee is still half full. If I hear THE theme tune that makes every parent want to find solace, one more time-I fear I'll be the one crying and stomping my feet.
Not every day is like this, we're mostly a happy and very loving (albeit very loud) family. We live in Yorkshire, UK, and including our 2 beloved cats, we have a headcount of 8 in our house which, yes, is as hectic as you're imagining. In between school runs, after school clubs, birthday parties and mammoth shopping trips, we manage to find quality time together in between.

I suppose we're considered as a young family, both me and my husband are 25-though feel more like 45 from the sleepless nights and the 7 year olds homework that's fried our brains. I started young, with my first daughter being born at the mere age of 17, then by pure chance, or maybe a broody streak that hits me around their first birthdays, subsequent babies have come two years later. And the bond between them all is phenomenal, and so precious to see.
I'll start introducing us all by writing a few basics about my us, you'll learn more about us all as my blog progresses.

So who are we??

Mrs Knows-What-She-Wants (Senior)

I'm Lucy. Born on 5th November, I fit pretty well into your typical Scorpio category. Romantic, fiery, trustworthy, intuitive, and a born leader. Though on the surface I may appear timid, over time I come out of my shell. By trade I'm an auxiliary nurse, but am currently on a career break to focus on my family, which is a blessing, so for now I'm a full time milk machine, part time climbing frame. I have tattoos, quite a few actually. Not everyone's cup of tea, but they're my life story in pictures, my life map. Having suffered from depression for a large chunk of my life, I seek occasional therapy.  Shopping and tattoos do the trick.
I love: cats, music, leopard print, horror films and tea
I hate: peppa pig, washing up and mums that hate on other mums. 

Mr. Goes With What His Wife Wants

This is Josh. He is a hardworking, easy going, happy man. When I met him I really fell on my feet, and he is truly the best father I could ask for my children. We have a great relationship and are very happy together after getting married in summer 2014. He is basically a less argumentative, male version of me; the yin to my yang, the sun to my moon, the salt to my pepper... Etc etc. To sum it up, he's ace. 
Josh likes: coffee, music, food (seriously-he eats like a machine), Will Ferrell and football
Josh hates: actually, not much at all...

Little Miss Smarty Pants

This is Grace. She was born in 2007 weighing 7lb 10oz. She's the eldest, and has a passion for learning. She has a kind heart, a generous soul, and she gets along with almost anyone. And she sings. A lot. 
Grace loves animals, reading, bags, and caramel.
Grace hates roller coasters, spiders and potato skins. 

Mr. Sensitive

This is Zak. He was born in 2009 weighing 7lb 4oz. His personality is amazing, I easily get hypnotised watching him play or try to explain something. Though we have known Zak was a little "different" for a while now, but his school have finally picked up on a processing problem, which although frustrating for us and him, we've had enough time to try and learn ways to deal with it already. He is such a loving boy and often gets lost in his own world, but struggles to show his emotions, so when you cuddle him and he replies with a cuddle back, you just know it's genuine.
Zak loves animals, drawing, action figures and swimming (especially in the sea).
Zak hates cheese, loud noises, teeth brushing!

Little Miss Knows-What-She-Wants (Junior)

This is Esmée, born in 2011 weighing 6lb 8oz. And yes she is most definitely as cheeky as she looks. She is bossy and demanding but also has a sensitive side, which sometimes all come out at the same time creating the "Esmée style" tantrums we all know and (don't) love. She knows what she wants and how she wants it doing-not a bad thing, but she is also a very kind girl and has a lot of love to give. She's basically just me in a smaller body. 
Esmée loves: dressing up, all dollies, Disney films and jigsaws. 
Esmée hates: dogs, people choosing her clothes for her and sitting down meals. 

Mr. Tornado

This is Thomas (Tommy), born in 2013 weighing 9lb 10oz and he is most definitely the boss of the house. He has a boisterous personality, but a kind loving nature and cannot walk through a room without giving someone a kiss or a cuddle, and never strays too far from me. 
Tommy loves: wearing wellies, climbing, boobs and swinging the cat round by its tail. 
Tommy hates: nappy changes, sitting still and anybody taking his wellies off. 

The Baby Of The Family

This is Noah, the youngest of our clan, and a typical mummy's boy. Boob monster who's smile is sure to make anyone cheerful.
Noah likes: boobies, cuddles and baths
Noah hates: laying on his back, getting dressed and his car seat. 

Last but not least, this is Dora and Nona, probably the best pet cats anybody could ever ask for.

That's us!!!

I look forward to sharing the good times, the not so good times, the happy, the sad, the good and the great times with you, and all in between. 

Lucy x


  1. Great post hun and I really enjoyed reading it :)

  2. Brilliant!! Love your descriptions of the kids ❤ Can't wait for the next instalment xx