Monday, 23 February 2015

Ten Things I'm Thankful For

Day to day life can get hectic and stressful and it's easy to find myself taking things for granted, so thought a good idea would be to make a list of 10 things I'm grateful for and why!

1. Coffee
Coffee fuels my life. If coffee didn't exist I dread to think what 4am morning calls would look like. If I put dummy's in the fridge and try to screw a teat from a baby bottle onto a milk bottle AFTER coffee, I dread to think what I could be capable of.

2. My children
Soppy, yes, but I truly am grateful that all of children are happy and healthy. I am madly in love wi each of them, and not a days goes by that I aren't thankful for them. I make sure I kiss them goodnight every night and that they always know how much I love them. The miracle of life never fails to amaze me, so to think I made them (with a little bit of help) and I made them so perfect, I am very very thankful... To myself for making such awesome kids!

3. That person that invented on demand TV
Literally don't think I would manage properly without tv shows of my choice at the touch of a button. 4am wake up call? A Disney film is bound to hypnotize said waker-upper so you can catch an extra 20 minutes. Hoover upstairs? In The Night Garden buys you plenty of time. Cup of tea while the baby sleeps? Quick catch up of Hollyoaks. Feeling broody? Watch 3 episodes of One Born Every Minute in a row and be quickly reminded how painful it is. On demand tv is genius. 

4. My friends
When you become a mother, true friends are few and far between. I have my handful, the ones I know I can count on whenever and whatever. I happen to have a lot of friends all over the world, that I have met over the Internet. I see pictures of their families every day, I read about their lives, and we speak about stuff that matters. People might argue that people you have never met can't be a true friend, but every person I know from the Internet has different bonding ground with me, and someone that is there to talk to you through tough times is someone I consider a friend. I'm thankful for knowing all the people I know, all over the world, from all aspects of life.
Which brings me to the next thing I'm thankful for...

5. The Internet
The Internet is a wonderful place. I often sit and wonder random things, then Google them. Because the Internet knows everything. The meals in our house would be boring if it wasn't for Pinterest, I did most of my Christmas shopping whilst doing night feeds, bought the majority of my wedding online, and let's not forget, I plucked up the courage to first speak to my husband on the wonderful World Wide Web-anyone remember MSN?
Of course the Internet can be scary too, I hear plenty of horror stories, read loads of written untruths and doctor Google has diagnosed me as dying at least 5 times this year... But for me, the Internet has essentially been my lifeline, and for that I am very very thankful. 

6. My past
This is a bit of an odd one. Anyone that knows me knows I have had, let's say, a "colourful" past. Lots of hurdles and lemons been handed (but who hasn't?) Yet I am thankful for everything that's happened. Because everything that's happened in my past has moulded me into the person, wife and mother I am today. I'm not saying things from my past don't hurt me occasionally but I try not to dwell on them, and try to see the positives. Would I be as strong and happy as I am today if it weren't for my past? Probably not. So I have to be thankful.

7. My Husband
Of course everyone loves their husband, and everyone probably thinks the same, but my husband really is one of a kind. We started dating when I wasn't in a good place, and he just took it in his stride and made it his mission to "fix" me, from the bottom of his heart, because he loves me. He's the most chilled out, family orientated man and works hard for us so we can have the life we have for which we are blessed. And we owe it all to him!

8. Weekends
In our house we live for the weekends. Sleeping in until 7.30am, staying up late, quality family time y'know. We live for the weekends, and it baffles people that make plans on weekends for nights out etc that we don't always want to attend. Truth is, the weekends are the only time we're not rushed with work, school runs and Josh is home with us. The kids don't go to school so we try to make quality time with them while we can. I'm not thankful for how fast weekends go and how fast Monday comes around, but for us our weekend time is our bonding time so is very, very precious. 

9. Sleep
Sleep is amazing, any little sleep I may get. Grabbing an extra half hour in a morning, napping during the day with the baby, I love the feeling of recharging my batteries. And let's face it, we're all nicer people when we've rested. So I'm thankful for every morsel of sleep I can find myself, because my kids do not feel the same.

10. My Life
Last but not least I am very thankful for my life. Rewind 8 years and things were a lot different, my life could have gone two ways and I'm grateful it went the way it did. We've worked hard for everything we've got, which has been sometimes difficult in the process, but then it's been 100% worth it. I love my life, and I love being me, and I love being "us". Life is good. :)

I plan to read this when I'm feeling a bit down or when I feel I'm taking things for granted. Can you think of anything you're especially grateful for?

Lucy x


  1. This would nearly be my list! I think using it to reflect back on is a great idea! I might have to have a go at this myself! Thanks for sharing #twinklytuesday

  2. This is a fantastic post, all such simple things but I think lots of people's would be very similar. I too live for the weekends when we are all together for two solid days! But you are so right, how does Monday come along so ruddy quickly?!!
    I would have to add that I'm thankful for my mum. She looks after Zach 3 days a week and if it wasn't for charging U.S. barely anything, we'd never have been able to get our house. She does so much and is wonderful and Zach adores her. Thanks so much for linking up such a lovely post with #twinklytuesday