Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Easter Holidays, Non-Chicken Pox And The End Of Our Breastfeeding Journey

It has been hectic here the past few weeks, combined with health issues I haven't had time or the mental capacity to write here at all.

First of all was the Easter holidays; I love having the kids at home all together. But it rained a lot, (meaning over kill of colouring books and card games) and 4 children trying to wade their way through their height in chocolate is a sure-fire way to wear mummy out!

We made it through (just) and in between ironing uniforms and sorting book bags, I just happened to notice Zaks face was covered in suspiciously chicken-pox-looking spots but they didn't start to spread! I took him to the doctors the next day, and the doctor was certain it was chicken pox but because they hadn't spread to come back in 2 days to be seen again.

In the mean time I had noticed it had been 2 days since Tommy had even asked for milk from me. We had agreed as he is coming up to his second birthday that if he stopped asking, we would stop reminding him, so as he went along his full energy day to day business, the thought of breastfeeding was far from his mind, and has been seemingly ever since. I'm sad that our journey has ended but I'm also proud at this step in his development, and his new found independence.

We went back to the doctors, three housebound days, three snotty receptionists and an hour in the hottest quarantined waiting room in the world and the doctor confirmed the non spreading spots are not chicken pox- so back to school tomorrow where I can enjoy my feet up for an hour in (almost) silence!
I'll try not to leave it too long between blogs next time but I have to wade through 2 weeks worth of child induced house destruction and to be honest a hot drink and biscuit are much higher on my priority list, so I'm not in a rush!


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