Friday, 24 April 2015

Growing Another Leaf On Our Family Tree

I'm so so happy to be able to tell the world that our family is growing!
In October we will be adding another little pumpkin to our patch and we are all over the moon!

We found out we were expecting in February. We had gone to London for valentines weekend and I had been feeling weird all night so bought a test, but it was negative. I saved one and took it a few days later and sure enough, a faint but definite line was there!
10 pregnancy tests later, and a lot of disbelief we paid for a private scan to see our little tiny pip.

The pregnancy combined with whatever mystery illness I have going on just wiped me out for weeks. And I have honestly never ever felt so ill. 
But now at 13 weeks I'm starting to feel more myself and now the children know, we can tell everyone!

The children are over the moon to be having another sibling, and haven't stopped kissing and singing to my tummy. They love being part of a big family so every time we grow their love grows too. 

Everyone, meet our little pip!

Gender guesses suggestions are welcome, as I can't decide what I'm feeling, though I do feel strongly it's a boy but I'm feeling drawn to girls names and clothes. 
Esmée and Grace want a girl called Ella, Bella, Maisie or Wednesday. Zak wants a boy called The Hulk or Jack.... None of which will be used so name suggestions are also welcome! 

Lucy x

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  1. hi, why not let the kids choose a middle name for baby? Our son chose our newborn daughters middle name after being adamant she was going to be called Tinkerbell. He called her it the whoke way through my pregnancy so I compromised with him and said if he still liked the name when she swas born I would honour it as a middle name. He never once changed his mind and her middle name is Tinkerbell! It helps that I like it though and im grateful he didnt choose pocahontas. ....x