Friday, 29 January 2016

We're Back! And How Things Have Changed!

So after taking a (longer than anticipated) break from writing, I've finally found the time to visit my blog. So.. What's happened in the months since my last entry? We left off, about 13 weeks pregnant with baby number 5. The pregnancy went well, we didn't find out the gender, and at 9 days over due after a long labour (labour story to follow), our baby BOY Noah was born weighing 9lb 7oz.

He has slotted into the family just perfectly, and the others dote on him-like I knew they would. So things are going great here, breastfeeding is going great and routine is slowly building back up. The house.. Well that will be clean one day but for now, the love in the house is through the roof, and I look forward to continue sharing our family journey with you all
L x

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  1. As long as everyone's happy the housework can wait, it'll always be there tomorrow :)