Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Half Term | Bitten Off More Than I Can Chew

Having 5 kids isn't generally as hard as I thought it would be. When people ask me how the hell I do it, I answer with "I don't know" because I genuinely don't know.
I've outnumbered myself massively, so although day to day life is mostly a breeze, when were thrown out of routine with school holidays, I'm pretty much snookered for the first few days until we get into the groove.
Except these holidays we're saving for a holiday of a life time, add in the crappy weather, 4 poorly and very strong willed children that are willing to fist fight over one f*#*ing toy, an angry baby in a pretty important developmental leap (who has just learned to roll-but not roll back) and trying to potty train has made for a pretty miserable, house bound half term.

We've exhausted cosmic kids yoga (try it if you haven't already-it's amazing!) the crafty Christmas presents and the colouring books are fast running out and I've watched so many kids films my eyes feel like they're bleeding-but the thought of going anywhere this half term fills me with dread.
We will have a nice day out tomorrow and of course all is forgotten once they drift off to sleep and their faces look angelic and my bed calls me back to it. 

Never thought I'd be one of them mums, but I seriously can not wait for school to start on Monday, I'm ready for a break x5!!

Lucy x

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