Sunday, 6 March 2016

What Being A Mother Means To Me

In honour of Mother's Day, I wanted to write about what being a mother means to me.

Growing up I never saw myself with children. I had a slight life plan, and children just never fit into it. I didn't feel I had the love to give a child, and to be brutally honest I never had an interest in children or babies. Then one night almost 10 years ago now, in a situation that was far from perfect, I found myself with a bottle of wine in one hand and a positive pregnancy test in the other.
I can honestly say that in that instant, however much time had slowed down and whilst a thousand thoughts were whizzing through my head-something (everything) changed. I already WAS a mother, my baby was here inside my body, and there was no two ways about it, I was going to try to be the best mother my baby deserved. 

From that day onwards I found myself making choices for my baby I didn't think I was capable of making, I loved my baby so much already, she gave me purpose in life and somewhere to channel all the love I had previously been reluctant to give.
Fast forward 10 years, I'm a mummy of 5 and that feeling still stands. I truly believe in fate, and I'm certain I was meant to be a mother; I was put on this earth to wipe snotty noses, kiss poorlys better, sing songs I don't know the words to just to get a smile and shower these five little pieces of my heart with love. Some days are tough, some days I lose it and some days I forget just how lucky I am, but I also often realise that being a mum was the best thing I could have ever become. 

Days can be tough, some days can be excellent, but each day is a day we will never get back, another day they have grown and I am so so proud to call these 5 children mine.
I've become a mummy 5 times, and I'm thankful to each of my babies for making me into the person I was always destined to be, because without them who knows where I would have ended up. 
I certainly wouldn't be enjoying the finer things in life, moments that I truly treasure, like a babies first smile, the pride you feel when your child achieves something they've tried so hard to do, or waking up 3 hours before you would like to with lots of laughing children bouncing on the bed.

Today I will be celebrating with my children, thanking them for making me a mother. 
Lucy x

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