Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Making Time

Making time for blogging is so hard nowadays. The leap from 4 to 5 kids seems to have taken up a lot of my time, I barely get time to catch up on teen mom any more (and I'm not even ashamed to admit that).
So other than amazingly hectic, what else is going on in our life as a family of 7?

Well Noah slotted right in, as a little mamas boy-but this boy will not take a bottle or a dummy, so we don't get far without a boob stop.. And I truly don't mind. Most of the time.

The others are great, just wonderful little people who I'm glad belong to me (most of the time). 
And I will try to never complain about terrible twos again, now I have experienced what 9 year old girls are like 😳
I've got a few half written blog posts sitting calmly in my drafts, waiting for me to drink enough coffee to finish them. Soon. Promise.

Lucy x