Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Our Summer (In Pictures)

So the summer holidays are coming to an end, and although I can not wait to drink a coffee in peace, or my house to stay clean for more than a few minutes at a time, to not pick up fucking Lego constantly or to not have to split up fights, I am really gutted and reckon I'm going to be a bit lonely, it's no longer mummy and Tommy's adventures, it's the start of mummy and Noah's adventures, and is the first time I'll have just one left at home and not be pregnant(!)

This summer we've celebrated 3 birthdays, a wedding anniversary, attended a wedding, eaten our own weight in ice cream, been abroad on holiday, been camping, been on woodland walks, explored a castle, visited a theme park, and even more-we've built loads of memories. 
I really feel like we've made the most of the past 6 weeks, and am already looking for stuff we can do next year!
So with mixed emotions I thought I'd share the highlights of our summer-it's been an amazing one!

Can't wait for next years adventures!
Lucy x

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