Saturday, 22 October 2016

Breastfeeding, Mean Girls and School Holidays

Exciting things are happening in the Fraser household! After being a stay-at-home mum (I would say housewife but that definitely doesn't apply), I've taken the step to become a breastfeeding peer supporter! I'm a few weeks into the course now and I am more than excited about finishing and starting to work on the post natal ward at my local hospital.

Our own breastfeeding journey is going well, though Noah is starting what can only be described as "gymnursestics" and I regularly get a swift kick to the face whilst he's still latched on-I am still loving our milk time together.

Also in the news recently there is a breastfeeding advert about to come out, and also supposedly a breastfeeding emoji too!
All positive things moving forward to a world where breastfeeding is normal!

Moving on from boobs, although it is my favourite topic, I had a realisation the past week or two-girls are mean!
Yes I know, I've always known girls can be catty, but this week for one reason or another (without delving too much into my eldest daughters private life), I've been shocked at how awful girls can be, and how it's shrugged off as "girl behaviour" instead of being addressed. Girls especially at a certain age are sensitive and mouldable, and for some reason or another seem to act out in a way to hurt others. It's heartbreaking but all I can do I suppose is be there for my daughter and guide her the right way.

The kids have broken up for half term, which happens to be my favourite half term because it's HALLOWEEN!! I will definitely have a post dedicated to my favourite time of year and the fun stuff we will be doing to celebrate!

Lucy x

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