Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Smiggle Xmas Party 🎉

As it's coming up to Christmas, me and my girls were really excited to be invited to the Smiggle Xmas Party!

So Smiggle (where a smile meets a giggle-you see what they did there?), if you don't already know is like Disneyland for stationary, with pencil cases of all kinds, colour changing pencils, notebooks and diaries that are out of this world, funky erasers and pencil sharpeners, pretty much everything you would need in that department except 10x cooler than you would expect-but then it goes above and beyond with its little gadgets and off-the-hook essentials you didn't know you needed until you walked through the door. I'm talking glitter lamps, fluffy key rings, magic 8 balls, the funkiest lunch boxes, silicone watches that only tell you the time when you touch them and fold up headphones. And so much of it is SCENTED!


It's no secret that I am a massive stationary fan-I don't even think 'fan' is the right word. Obsessive? Addict? You get the picture. If in doubt, buy me stationary (it's my birthday next week 😉) and both my girls share this love, so when we were invited to check out their new bits, we all jumped at the chance. 
We were invited to the store in the Trinity Centre, Leeds, where there was mince pies and juice, and we were able to browse the shops goodies with much help from the friendly, cheerful staff who were clearly as excited to work there as I was to just be there! The shop was literally top to bottom with colourful exciting things, and although the shop was compact, there was plenty of stuff to look at and the staff were really helpful and knew the products well.


We entered a competition to win a party there, all whilst trying out the smiggle pens and we eyed up the brand new advent calendars-25 days of a different smiggle treat every day of December. How cool is that? 
So just as I thought our letters to santa were ready to be sent, we've added a whole lot more to the list and crossed our fingers. 
Here's a few of the bits we fell in love with. 

Yes that is a money box where a cat pops out and sneaks your money away with its teeny paw. Esmee's favourite!



Grace's favourite was the foldable silicone water bottles (top shelf) which also had a little clip to attack to your bag or lunch box. Very very cool and may find its way to the North Pole for her 😉


Also monkey versions of the stealing money boxes, 3D zombie pencil cases and plenty of little craft kits. Perfect for stockings (the advent calendars are at the bottom!)


This was my favourite pencil case (or one of them) with the jewel effect zip 😍

And finally my girls with their goodie bags after a wonderful morning! Thanks smiggle-we will definitely be back!!


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  1. Aww looks like you all had a great time! I too love stationary but we don't have a Smiggle near us! I can never walk past a stationary shop without popping in! :)